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Mike Young
Mike is a father of three wonderful children. He is also an experienced IT professional and software applications developer. He loves gadgets, games and movies. If you don't find him on the surface blowing air about his opinions on the latest tech gadget, you will likely find him sucking air 200 feet under the sea of some exotic location.

Will Jones
Will is an experienced graphic designer, IT professional, and father of 3 beautiful children. Will loves toys, comics, British TV, gadgets and movies. Will spends most of his free time, when not with the family, designing toys and printing them out on his 3D printer. Will also likes to go to the "dirt malls" in search of great, usually toy related, finds. You can find a sample of Will's graphic works on his Deviant Art page: http://bohnded.deviantart.com

Vic Miller
Vic Miller is the father of 3 talented kids, and gamer through and through, he spends his days surrounded by games, as the General Manager of the last and largest actual Arcade in Indianapolis. considering himself a jack of all trades Vic dabbles in all kinds of gaming but spends most of his down time playing WoW & working on his Tekken 6 skills. Vic is also a 27 year veteran of the great sport of Paintball, Original Member of the Mayberry Marauders and current Member of Dead Horse. When not behind a screen, you can find him rocking the trigger of his Devil Mag at a scenario game near you.

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